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'You Will Do Great Things' by Amerie

May 26, 2023
Illustrated by Raisa Figueroa 

You Will Do Great Things Book Cover

You don't want to miss the brand new release 'You Will Do Great Things' by grammy-nominated artist Amerie. The inspiring and beautiful message is surrounded by vibrant and captivating illustrations in this instant classic. Inspired by her own son, Amerie has written a celebration of everything our kids have the capacity to explore and achieve - the great, the amazing, the strange, and the new! I love how this magical story also lets our children know that their loved ones are always there in our hearts to cheer us on every step along the way.

Open up the pages and follow a young boy's journey though his imagination as he inspired by the family photos around him. Along the way the boy tries bold new things and forms deep connections with his multi-cultural heritage and with his ancestors who show him that the strength and courage he needs to be bold and accomplish great things has always been inside him.

'You Will Do Great Things' is filled with endless encouragement, from the lyrical verse to the inspiring images. This picture book would make a great gift for celebrating any special moments, from baby showers to graduations and everything in between. Be careful: 'You Will Do Great Things may quickly become a bedtime favorite that your kids (of all ages!) will ask to hear it over and over again.

Let's take a peek inside!

You will do great things wherever you may go
I promise you'll surprise yourself if you believe in you.
You will do big things that just might change the world.

Grab your copy HERE!

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