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Top Secret Agent Journal

One of a child's most important and enduring learning journeys that which teaches them about goal setting and accomplishment - setting achievable goals, tracking progress, recording the steps and challenges along the way and noticing how that journey of accomplishment makes one feel. We know that building a habit of goal setting and accomplishment requires more than just a one time lesson. Setting and achieving goals requires a regular pattern of mindfulness - skills that are learned through lessons and practice just like mathematics, science and reading. The Top Secret Secret Agent Mission Book and Guided Journal offers your child just that - fun activities to engage your curious child's mind and prompted daily journaling exercises that assist them in setting and achieving daily goals. The book features ten tabs such as Code Cracker, Cipher Secrets and For Your Eyes Only, each of which provides a different engaging spy-themed activity. Between the tabs are guided journal pages where your child can plan out daily 'missions', write about how their progressed toward that mission goal and how they felt about that progress making this a complete learning journey.

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