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Sam I Am Green Eggs and Ham

This collection of seven titles offers a captivating listening experience filled with wacky rhymes, whimsical tales, important life lessons, and Dr. Seuss's signature charm.In Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I-Am persistently tries to convince Guy-Am-I to try green eggs and ham, leading to a surprising discovery.I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew follows a carefree traveler who encounters a series of misfortunes on his journey, teaching him valuable life lessons along the way.Tadd and Todd iintroduces two characters who constantly mix up their identities, resulting in comical confusion.Too Many Daves hilariously portrays a mother who names all her sons Dave, leading to chaotic situations.Fox in Socks presents a tongue-twisting adventure filled with clever wordplay and challenges.Mr. Brown Can Moo showcases Mr. Brown's talent for mimicking sounds, engaging readers in interactive fun. This collection offers a colorful and captivating reading experience, filled with whimsical tales, important life lessons, and Dr. Seuss's signature charm.This Tonie teaches kids about:Trying New ThingsProblem-SolvingPlayful CuriosityStories:1. Green Eggs and Ham2. I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew3. Tadd and Todd4. Too Many Daves5. Fox in Socks6. Mr. Brown Can MooTotal Run Time: 55 minutes

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