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Conservation Crew Red Panda Tonie

The Earth's wilderness is in danger, but Mother Nature and her all-star squad of animal helpers are here to help! Join the Conservation Crew as they journey across the globe on a mission to protect the planet and the animals that live there. Nina the Red Panda is a nocturnal hero with excellent eyesight that helps her see in the dark. While the rest of us are basking in the afternoon sun, Nina is usually fast asleep, dreaming the day away. After a good days rest, she's ready to join the Conservation Crew on adventures far and wide. Listen in as the Crew bravely joins forces with flamingos, elephants, koalas, and orangutans in the fight to protect their wild homes. This Tonie teaches kids about: Endangered Species Teamwork Problem-Solving Songs and Stories:1. Intro2. Theme Song3. Flamingo Ballet4. The March of The Elephants5. Koala Calamity6. The Spirit of the Forest Total Run Time: 62 minutes

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