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RoboRails: Robot Monorail System

Explore the future of transportation with RoboRails! This compact robot balances on a single wheel and glides along a monorail track thanks to its fast-moving internal gyroscope and monowheel. A clever design uses ball bearings as the weights of the gimbal, which is nearly frictionless as it spins. You’ll be amazed at how steady this robot is on the track!

The full-color, 32-page manual guides you through a step-by-step assembly of the robot 

and dozens of track layouts from over 180 durable, plastic parts. Choose any of the 26 configurations in the manual or use your imagination to invent your own! Combine the snap-together track segments with the three special connectors –  the seesaw, the splitter, and the cross switch – to add twists, turns, and obstacles to your routes.

A series of hands-on experiments demonstrate important physics topics such as rotational motion, acceleration, and angular momentum, bringing the science of gyroscopic forces to life right before your eyes! Bonus: learn how these principles are an integral part of the development of monorails and green transportation. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Build a robot that zooms along a monorail track using a motorized gyroscope unit
  • educes friction in the gyroscope, allowing the robot to stay balanced for longer
  • Track segments are quickly and easily reconfigured into countless possibilities 
  • Full-color manual elevates this fun building set into a valuable learning tool
  • Open-ended design promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, imagination, and creativity
Ages: 8+ with help | 12+ I got this

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