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Spy School Secret Ciphers Kit

  • Immersive intro to cryptography: Enter the fictional BREK Industries Spy School of Secret Ciphers, where kids use science to hide—and reveal—messages and learn to encode and decode information using codes and ciphers; the humorous illustrated instruction book provides guidance on ethical espionage
  • 13-piece kit includes two sets of supplies—one for you, one for your spy partner: 2 decoy cases, 2 UV ink pens with UV lights, red filters, 2 red markers, 2 spray bottles, 4 code wheels, 2 phonetic code cards, 2 message masks, 2 decoder cards, and 24-page activity book
  • 30+ sneaky secret message missions: The comical in-world activity book is packed with techniques for sharing secret messages and the science behind how they work; create an invisible message that appears when sprayed with grape juice while learning about acid-base reactions, make a hidden note that can only be read through a red filter as you learn how light waves make color, and more
  • Some projects require easy-to-find household ingredients: including baking soda, banana, dish soap, food coloring, lemon juice or vinegar, purple grape juice, purple or red cabbage, water, and white wax crayon
  • Perfect for budding cryptographers ages 8+: Great activity for sleepovers, play dates, and family fun nights

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