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View Master Classic Boxed Set

The ViewMaster is back! Take a trip through Africa, swim with the fish or experience prehistoric life with each ViewMaster reel. This boxes set features 21 3D images and a reel storage case.

• Contains 3 reels
• Comes with a storage container for the reels
• Retro Styling

This is The Classic View-Master that has entertained and educated countless children on every subject imaginable since it was introduced more than 80 years ago. As with the original, kids simply insert picture reels into a slot on the viewer and press the lever down to advance to the next image. The three-dimensional stereoscopic images provide incredible detail and realism that are unattainable by a common smartphone, tablet, or computer. The picture of simplicity, it requires no batteries, apps, or complicated setup, making it perfect for keeping a fidgety youngster (or spouse) occupied while traveling or sitting in a waiting room. Inducted into The National Toy Hall of Fame, the classic toy is compatible with any View-Master reels. Includes three reels of Discovery wildlife images, and reel storage case. Ages 3 and up. 6 1/2" H x 9 3/4" W x 3" D. (8 oz.)

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