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Cubendi Scribble

Cubendi is the latest magnetic shape shifting puzzle cube from the makers of Shashibo! A new magnetic shape shifting puzzle cube with the same starting cube dimensions as Shashibo, but an entirely different world of possibilities. From the moment you open it, it’s a unique user experience that encourages movement through its shapes in a very different way than the Shashibo.

Cubendi’s urban vibes are front and center. Energetic colors and eclectic patterns pop from every corner – and the shapes you can make are totally wild and unique. Although It Isn’t magnetically compatible with Shashibo, you can Collect & Combine multiple Cubendi with one another. Get Cubendi and get creative!

  • 48 Rare Earth Magnets
  • An entirely different world of possible shapes. 
  •  A unique twisting, turning movement along with the classic folding and hinging. 
  • Magnetic incompatibility with Shashibo
  • When combined, creates malleable and stable structures
  • A welcoming experience into shape shifting puzzle cubes.

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