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Game of Cat and Mouth

Put your paws in the air for this award-winning game from creators of 'Exploding Kittens'! A Game of Cat & Mouth is fast-paces and hilarious mix of slingshots and pinball. Can you get all the balls into the cat's mouth and onto your opponents board before the competition?The box IS the game board! It's portable and easy to set-up: just open and play!Includes 24 catapult-able balls and 2 magnetic, human-powered Kitty Paw Flickers (No batteries ever needed. EVER!)The game features a Rainbow Ralphing "Cat Mouth? centerpiece and 6 optional wall bumpers (no judgment, we get it)Play with more than 2 players using the tournament app.Fun for the whole family! Add it to your next family game night.Suggested for ages 7 years and older.

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