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Fairy Tale Inn

The Fantasy Fair is in town and everyone wants to attend. Guests show up at the Fairy Tale Inn, where two innkeepers compete to see who can get the most gold by putting Guests into different enchanted rooms. At the end of the game, only one innkeeper will win.TWO PLAYER STRATEGY GAME: Players compete to fill their Inn with Guests. Each character has a special ability and certain rooms do as well so players can earn gold coins in different ways. Once three columns of the Inn are filled, the points are tallied. The player with the most gold wins!TACTILE 3D GAMEPLAY: Players slide the Guest tiles into the Fantasy Inn board, starting at the top so they drop down to the bottom and stacking the tiles as the game goes on.HIGHLY VARIABLE: With different guests showing up each time you play, no two games are ever the same. Quick gameplay and easy game mechanics makes this a great choice for game night with kids and adults.NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This family and adult board game is for two players ages 8 and up. The average playtime is 15 to 20 minutes.

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