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Sky Explorer : A Young Adventurer's Guide to the Sky by Day and Night

From amazing cloud formations and rainbows to twinkling stars and planets, become an expert sky explorer with this brilliant guide to the wonders of the sky, both by day and night. Wherever you are, whatever the weather, there's always something to see if you look up!

Learn how to tell your cumulonimbus from your contrails, your stars from your satellites, and much more in the beautifully illustrated gazer's guide to the sky by day and by night. Find out what makes the sky blue, the difference between lunar and solar eclipses, and how mirages happen. And even discover how to make a rainbow, create your own lightning, and steer by the stars yourself!

In a handy pocket format with vibrant elastic closer, this book also includes top gazing tips for your adventures, plus a quiz to test your expert explorer knowledge.

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