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Darth Vader Mech LEGO 75368

Introduce youngsters to the dark side of the LEGO??Star?Wars? universe with this brick-built Darth Vader Mech (75368) for play and display. The posable mech has an opening cockpit for the Darth Vader LEGO minifigure, a clip for his lightsaber and gripping hands to hold a huge red lightsaber.A new way to buildA great anytime gift for kids aged 6 and up, this LEGO?Star?Wars?mech is designed to be easy to build so the action play starts fast. Enhance the creative experience with the LEGO Builder app, which features 3D zoom and rotate viewing tools and allows builders to track their progress and save sets.Collectible building toyThis awesome buildable mech toy is part of a series of LEGO?Star?Wars?mechs, which also includes the 75369 Boba Fett Mech and 75370 Stormtrooper Mech sets (sold separately).Quick-build Darth Vader Mech toy (75368) ? Introduce children to the action-packed LEGO??Star?Wars? universe with this easy-to-build mech for play and displayAn iconic?Star?Wars? character ? The Darth Vader LEGO? minifigure comes with a red lightsaber for action playPosable mech suit ? This buildable mech toy has posable hands, arms, legs and feet, an opening minifigure cockpit, a large red lightsaber and a clip for the Darth Vader LEGO? minifigure?s lightsaberPart of a series of collectible LEGO??Star?Wars? mechs ? This mech can be combined with the 75369 Boba Fett Mech and 75370 Stormtrooper Mech sets (sold separately) for extra play possibilities

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