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Gravitrax Obstacle Set

Find your way around the marble run of your wildest imagination with the “GraviTrax Obstacle Starter-Set”!
Discover how the laws of physics power your marble through your tricked-out track with the “GraviTrax Obstacle Starter-Set”! Easy to connect and build, this cool set features all the components of the “GraviTrax Starter-Set” plus additional accessories; Trampoline, Zipline, Transfer, Spiral and Bridges. With over 140 diverse pieces, you’ll find new ways to create customized marble runs every time you play. Once the basics have been mastered, simply add more accessories for endless possibilities!
An electronic-free, expandable construction set, GraviTrax uses STEM-friendly concepts as young engineers develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and have a blast building amazing marble runs!

Comes complete with instructions, construction plan booklet and over 140 pieces: 6 metal marbles, 4 rugged 12” x 12” card bases, 2 transparent levels, 56 large/12 small height tiles, 2 green angled height tiles, 21 curves, 3 junctions, 2 switches, 1 3-in-1 tile, 1 vortex, 1 launcher, 2 extra-long tracks (1 narrow, 1 slow), 18 tracks (3 long, 6 medium, 9 short), 3 length-adjustable bridges, 1 Magnetic Cannon, 1 Transfer set, 2 Trampolines, 1 Zipline, 2 Spirals, 1 finish line, 4 basic tiles and inserts (2 catchers, 1 freefall, 1 splash, 1 landing).

Lasting durability for girls and boys ages 8 and up, it’s the learning toy children (and savvy adults) return to over and over again!

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