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Super Why

Whyatt goes to an adoption fair where he meets a cute puppy who needs a home. It is revealed that the puppy has a story. They go through obstacles and Woofster becomes a member of the team. These superheroes soar into classic storybooks and use their unique reading-based powers to find answers to everyday preschool problems.This Tonie teaches kids about:The AlphabetTeamworkProblem-SolvingStories:Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Dog FairChapter 3: Book ClubChapter 4: Super Readers TransformChapter 5: Inside the BookChapter 6: Build a Word with Alpha PigChapter 7: Super Why Finds Super LettersChapter 8: The Search Continues…Chapter 9: Spell with Princess PrestoChapter 10: Rhyme with Wonder RedChapter 11: Super Why Finds More Super LettersChapter 12: The Jewel SeaChapter 13: Super Why Saves the DayChapter 14: The Super Story AnswerChapter 15: Friends ForeverTotal Run Time: 41 minutesAges 3+45 Minutes

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