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Soren's Seventh Song

From Pulitzer Prize finalist and New York Times bestselling author Dave Eggers, Soren’s Seventh Song is a deadpan take on creativity and persistence, as told through the eyes of a humpback whale looking for a new song—with color illustrations by Mark Hoffman.

Soren, a young humpback whale, loves music but is tired of the dull, droning, endless songs that are frustratingly popular among the adult whales he knows. He has ideas for better songs: shorter, up-tempo tunes with snare drums and even maracas. Unfortunately, every time he shares his new tunes with his friends, he’s met with less than encouraging feedback and even a bit of discreet whale vomiting.

In this upbeat story of resilience and tenacity, Dave Eggers offers readers of all ages essential creative advice: your first drafts are probably terrible.

“It’s hard work to make something that’s not only new but wins the hearts of others, but in the hands of these creators—human and whale alike—the labors of the creative process sing.”
—Publisher's Weekly***STARRED REVIEW***

“In this hilarious story, Eggers succeeds in giving readers one whale of a lesson on the values of learning from criticism, abandoning what isn’t working, and never giving up.”

“Eggers tackles important themes—the challenges of the creative process, which entails unavoidable laboring, and the necessity of trustworthy friends willing to give honest feedback. An approachable explanation of tenacity, friendship, and hope.”


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