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Rainbow Science

This colorful book explores the fascinating science of rainbows and includes a pair of fun prism glasses so kids can see rainbows right before their eyes! 

I spy a rainbow! But where do rainbows come from? How are they made? Rainbow Science celebrates everything rainbow, from the science of sunlight to the prism in raindrops to how our eyes see all the colors that make up a rainbow, in this colorful activity book. Kids can be a rainbow scientist and learn how to search for rainbows, make their own rainbows with a hose, spin homemade color wheels, blow multicolored bubbles, make a kaleidoscope, and more. Simple materials lists and straightforward, age-appropriate experiment steps are accompanied by scientific explanations for each activity. Engaging illustrations give easy-to-understand explanations about rainbow science and the math and physics of light refraction. Tucked into the pocket on the inside front cover is a fun pair of wearable glasses so kids can see rainbows right before their eyes. This book is a celebration of rainbows for kids who love science experiments, weather, and hands-on activities!

“What child could resist this invitation to become a rainbow scientist? With engaging, kid-friendly text, Roehrig presents the how and why of rainbows and empowers readers to discover and create their own. A sprinkling of water, a bit of light, the right time and place—and, presto, endless hours of rainbow fun!  I can't wait to have this book for my own classroom.”

  •  Susan Edwards Richmond, author of Busy Little Hands: Science Play!

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