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Plant Pets : 27 Cool Houseplants to Grow and Love

Ten-year-old Beatrice Boggs Allen (along with her mom, Belle Boggs) introduces the 27 easiest and most fascinating houseplants that any kid can grow indoors.  

Maybe every kid can't have an animal pet—but everyone can have a plant pet! That's the message of ten-year-old author and houseplant enthusiast Beatrice (Bea) Boggs Allen. In this friendly book written specially for kids, Bea tells all about the easiest, most fun, and affordable plants that can be grown indoors in pots. She shares her first-hand tips on caring for each plant, along with descriptions of each one's unique attributes, from air plants to succulents, terrariums, and even carnivorous plants—the ones that eat insects! The lively pages show up-close photos of each plant, along with funny illustrations that reflect Bea's cheeky voice. Kids ages 7 and up will love Bea's ideas for activities they can do to enjoy these amazing plants and share them with friends and family.

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