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Oh No, The Aunts Are Here!

Every family has its special aunt: the cool aunt, the wacky aunt, the scary aunt. But this family has ALL THE AUNTS. The escalating chaos of On Account of the Gum meets the grounded absurdity of Nothing Rhymes with Orange in Adam Rex's laugh-out-loud take on family reunions.
This hilarious, laugh-out-loud depiction of one girl's all-too-recognizable experience takes readers young and old on an emotionally bombastic staycation in a picture book that celebrates the universal and endearing strangeness of family.

MULTIGENERATIONAL FAMILY SHENANIGANS: The antics of our silliest family members are never not funny. This uniquely hilarious and authentic observation of aunts and uncles sets this book apart from other sweet family-based stories, which tend to take a more sentimental approach.
FUN FOR KIDS: Even for families with normal aunts or no aunts at all, the quirky situations this character faces, and the ways her aunts save the day, will delight any child reader.

Perfect for:

• Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles
• Fans of Adam Rex, Mo Willems, Drew Daywalt, Mac Barnett, Jory John, and Kevin Henkes

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