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Lasagna Means I Love You

What are the essential ingredients that make a family? Eleven-year-old Mo is making up her own recipe in this unforgettable story that's a little sweet, a little sour, and totally delicious. Nan was all the family Mo ever needed. But suddenly she’s gone, and Mo finds herself navigating the complicated world of foster care. Nan left her a notebook and advised her to get a hobby. Ridiculous! Then Mo finds a handmade cookbook filled with someone else’s family recipes. Even though Nan never cooked, Mo can’t tear her eyes away. Not so much from the recipes, but the stories attached to them. Soon Mo finds herself asking everyone she meets for their family recipes. And teaching herself to make them. Then building a website to share them. Mo is secretly hoping that a long-lost relative will find her and give her a family recipe all her own. But when everything starts to unravel again, she realizes that if she wants a family recipe—or a real family—she’s going to have to make it up herself.

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