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DC Comics Mad Libs

If you've just hear someone say.... "Superman's Artic Fortress of laughter is where the Man of lip gloss keeps his greatest secrets and powerful coconuts from across the nurse's office!" you've obviously been playing DC Comics Super Hero Mad Libs! Wonder Woman and Superman both agree on one thing: Batman is very ADJECTIVE! With 21 fill-in-the-blank stories about crime fighting, encounters with supervillains, and saving the world, DC Comics Superhero Mad Libs has something for every fan of the DC Comics universe!

Mad libs are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to laugh. Play with friends of enjoy alone. Each story is a chance to work together to create unique stories. They are so much fun, you won't even realize you're learning! DC Comics Superhero Mad Libs includes 21 fill-in-the-blank stories all about DC Comics superheroes! 48 pages.

Great tool for building language arts skills including reading comprehension and grammar. Suggested for ages 8 and up. 

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