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A gorgeously illustrated companion to Matt Lamothe’s This Is How We Do It featuring 50 kids from across the United States.

From the rocky coastline of Maine to the lush rainforests of Hawai‘i, read about the many different places American kids call home—and about 50 real kids who live there.

In Iowa, Amelia and her dad soar through the skies in their red-and-white-striped plane.
In Rhode Island, Ramon and his sisters ride scooters in the apartment building courtyard.

In Louisiana, Adrain Jr. races his dirt bike down a gravel road, speeding past cornfields.

Matt Lamothe and Jenny Volvovski document the daily lives of 50 children from America’s 50 states in this compelling companion to the award-winning picture book This Is How We Do It. Fifty unique, authentic portraits of growing up in America include:

  • Families who live in a variety of dwellings, from houseboats and yurts to farms, Native reservations, and Air Force bases
  • Children with adoptive families, stepfamilies, single-parent families, two moms or dads, and those who live with their grandparents
  • Children living with health conditions such as leukemia and muscular dystrophy
  • Families from a range of social, religious, and economic backgrounds

This illustration-packed nonfiction children's book depicts a diverse collection of families, homes, and dreams, highlighting what makes each child’s world so unique yet also familiar. All About U.S. brings us together by celebrating the similarities and differences between kids’ day-to-day experiences across the United States.

KIDS CAN DO AMAZING THINGS!: Prepare to be amazed and inspired by the variety of activities and interests kids take up across the United States, including kids who fly planes, forge real swords, raise their own cows, and write novels.

A FRESH APPROACH TO GEOGRAPHY BOOKS FOR KIDS: Focusing on how children experience the United States today, this book presents the REAL lives of modern children with a variety of backgrounds and family structures.

A WEALTH OF ONE-OF-A-KIND BACKMATTER: With kid-friendly demographics analysis, snapshots of the children featured in the book, and a fascinating peek into the research process (the authors sent more than 400 emails to teachers, librarians, and organizations asking for help finding kids to feature; 231 families applied to be included), this is sure to be a classroom favorite and a valuable educational resource for years to come.
CHALLENGING STEREOTYPES: All About U.S. challenges preconceptions while deepening readers’ understandings of the country. No family in the book represents their entire state, where millions of others live. But the 50 chil­dren featured create an image of the country's incredible diversity and the next generation's unique potential.

EXCELLENT EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE: An entertaining and informative resource for children of all ages, this book will inspire children to tell their own stories and to learn about the lives of others across the United States. This book also speaks to educational standards, specifically for younger grades, emphasizing that “students compare and contrast everyday life in different times and places around the world.”

  • A Booklist Editors' Choice 
  • An Amazon Best Book of the Year
  • A Parents' Choice Award winner
  • A Junior Library Guild selection
  • And so much more!

Perfect for:
  • Parents or teachers looking for children's books about the United States
  • Fans of National Geographic Kids magazine and other resources that explore geography and different world cultures
  • Readers of books like Everything & Everywhere: A Fact-Filled Adventure for Curious Globe-Trotters and Milo Imagines the World
  • Kids who love U.S. wall maps or atlases
  • Gift-givers seeking an inspiring and educational gift book

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