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GenMe Sparkle Pop Bracelet Station


  • The bracelet maker is a game-changer in DIY accessories, making it a breeze to create 10 super trendy bangle bracelets in 6 quick steps!
  • The tool dispenses sparkling gems directly into the bracelet through a pre-attached funnel, eliminating messy pouring to ensure all the beads find their place in your accessory!
  • Elevate your creations with high-quality metal charms for a bracelet stack that’s both trendy and durable.
  • With easy-close snaps, you can wear, share, and swap out bracelet stacks effortlessly — ensuring your style remains as versatile as you are!
  • Whether you’re prepping a look for a concert, having a sleepover with friends, or just embracing your unique self, the GenMe Sparkle Pop Bracelet Station makes it easy and fun to elevate your accessory game!
  • Set Includes: Sparkle Gem Station, Gem Station Sticker, 2-Tiered Stacking Jar, Jump Rings, Charms, Tube Bracelets with Closures, Gems, Project Guide


Fill up on sparkle with the GenMe Sparkle Pop Bracelet Station! This one-of-a-kind set lets you create 10 dazzling bangle tube bracelets adorned with the cutest metal charms using an innovative bracelet maker. Crafting your bangles is a breeze — just load up the tool with a rainbow of colorful gems, attach the bracelet, spin the lever, and watch sparkles fill your bracelet! With a handy funnel pre-attached to the tool, you’ll never lose a bead. No mess, no stress, just pure creative fun! Plus, the tiered stacking jar makes it easy to keep extra gems organized and ready for your next design. These bracelets are a reimagined version of the Y2K classic jelly bangles that are just as easy to stack. With an easy-close clasp, you can mix, match, wear, share, and swap out styles in a snap! Get ready to bling out your accessories and let your individuality shine with the GenMe Sparkle Bracelet Station — because you deserve to sparkle and stand out! Perfect for any bracelet lover ages 6 and up.

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