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Friendship Wish Bracelets

 Make a wish as you make your bracelet and tie it on your wrist. When your bracelet falls off (after you've worn it for a long, long time), your wish will come true! Wish bracelets are made by knotting hemp and adding beads along the way, as you repeat the include 'wish spell" to encourage positive, hopeful thoughts. With three colors of hemp, a rainbow of iridescent beads, handmade clay beads, gold and silver charms, and real crystal rock beads, crafters can customize their own creations to suit their style.

  • Craft encourages mindfulness and eases anxiety. More than just a fashion statement, these bracelets are good luck charms!
  • Beach-chic hemp cord in fun colors makes these bracelets faster to craft than traditional friendship bracelets and offers something new for fans of the classic Klutz FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS
  • The included beads are simply gorgeous: iridescent glass beads in a rainbow of colors, handmade clay beads with funky patterns, 4 metal charms in gold and silver, and 5 different crystal rock beads

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