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DIY Sweet Windmills

Paper windmills are a classic toy that kids and kids love blowing them or running to make them spin around and around. This craft kit lets kids get creative by constructing their own windmills, before heading outside to watch them spin! Just pop out the colored pre-cut sheets and follow the easy step-by-step instruction to make 4 beautiful pastel windmills. Watch as the colors blend and new patterns reveal themselves as the windmill spins.

  • This kit teaches: fine motor skills and problem solving skills, great precursor to learning about wind energy.
  •  Durable coated paper sheets ensures hours of outside play
  • Easy to follow instructions for prereaders and many creative tips
  • Includes: 4 wooden sticks, 4 plastic tips, 8 pre-cut and printed laminated sheets, and 1 set of instructions
Suggested for ages 5 years and older

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