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Playing with Science: Unboxing Dough Circuit Piano

May 19, 2023

Playing with Science: Unboxing Dough Circuit Piano

Are you looking for a fun S.T.E.M activity that is fun for the whole family? Do you have a kid who loves science and music? If so, look no further than the Dough Circuit Piano Thinking Kit from 4M! At only $21.99, this skill-building, mind-stretching boredom-buster teaches children about the magic of electrical conductivity and encourages them to explore the world of music! Let’s check it out together!

The Dough Circuit Piano Kit is geared for ages 4 and up (with parent help) but would be fun for kids of many ages! Even our staff couldn’t get enough of it! I love that this science experiment doubles as musical toy that kids can enjoy long after the science project is completed. I also love that kids can use their creativity to decorate their piano however they like.

How does it work? As the kit explains, “The piano module sends out safe electrical signals. When you touch both the ground pin and any of the dough strips attached to the piano module, your body transmits the electrical signal and completes a circuit which triggers the unique sound. You become part of the circuit!”

What’s in the Kit? Just grab some AAA batteries (not included) and you have everything you need to make your own beautiful and functional piano! The Dough Circuit Piano kit includes the piano module (the orange rectangle) and two double-sided music sheets with the songs “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Old Macdonald Had a Farm,” and “Row Row Row Your Boat.” The kit also includes an instruction sheet, piano key stickers to put on the module, and the most important part, dough! There are four colors of dough- white, yellow, blue, and red for your child to mix to their heart’s content to create the piano keys.

Image of the contents of the dough circuit Piano package

Let’s Get Started!

The module comes without the stickers on, so first, let's decorate it! Stick on some silly googly eyes, some bugs, and the colored and numbered piano keys.

Image of kit with sticker sheet

There, that’s better!

Image of keyboard with stickers applied

Now it’s time to get our creativity going!

Let's grab our dough and get started on making the piano keys! Have fun with this part, the sky's the limit! Kids can mix colors, play around with shapes, and just have fun!

Contents of the kit including dough and instructions
I started with the red and rolled a small amount of dough in my hands to make a snakelike cylinder. Then I added some white. Next, attach one end of the dough to any one of the metal contact pins, (I started from left to right.) We have to make sure that none of the strips of dough touch each other, so to make it easier, I curved the dough to the left to allow for more room for the rest of the dough keys.

Image of keyboard with one dough key applied

Now, keep going! Add more dough keys, and play around with the color, shape, and length of dough keys. Here’s what I came up with:

Full keyboard with all keys

Important! Make sure that none of the dough keys are touching one another! Each metal contact pin must have only one strip of dough touching it as well.

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for, let's make some music! Your child can use the included sheet music, or they can make their own songs!

To make the piano work, all you need to do is switch on the module, then touch any strip of dough with one hand, and touch the metal ring (ground pin) with the other hand to play a note on the piano. The electricity will flow through your body to make the musical notes play out loud. How cool is that?


Cleanup is as simple as switching off the piano, removing the dough keys from the contact pins, and storing the dough away in the provided plastic containers. When you're ready to play with it again, just reroll the dough into strips and connect them to the pins.

Final Thoughts

As someone who loves science and music, this kit was a blast! It was super simple to put together, and with a parent's help, this kit should be easy to set up. My favorite part was definitely getting to play the piano once the dough keys were finished! It was so fun testing out how the piano worked, as sometimes I would try playing the keys without also touching the ground pin, and no sound would come out. But once I touched the ring and the dough keys, it felt like magic when the notes came out! I love that the kit provides you with four songs to start out with, and I think it would keep a child engaged for at least an hour, and even longer for kids who want to make their own songs! And for only 21.99, this kit is a hit! This is sure to be an engaging activity for little composers and budding scientists who want to explore the wonder of music and science!
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