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'It's a Great Big Colorful World' by Tom Schamp

May 26, 2023

'It's a Great Big Colorful World' by Tom Schamp

Everyone needs a little more color in their lives, and 'It's a Great Big Colorful World' by Tom Schamp has all the rainbow color you need!

Step inside the over-sized cover of 'It's a Great Big Colorful World' and meet Otto the cat, who wakes up on a dreary winter morning. "Why is everything so gray today?" he sighs. Luckily, when you turn the page, you meet Leon the chameleon. Join the pair as they take an amazing journey into all the beautiful colors in the world. Gray, white, black, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green and brown; Schamp explores all of them! From giant Bengal tiger to a humble pair of blue jeans, there is so much to discover on every page that you won't read this book the same way twice. Help the pair identify the clever and brilliantly illustrations on every page. Each illustration is paired with an interesting fact, a pop-culture reference, or visual joke that will keep you giggling. 

Inside the pages of 'It's a Great Big Colorful World'

Inside the pages of 'It's a Great Big Colorful World' by Tom Schamp
Tom Schamp's artwork reminds me a bit of the Richard Scarry World; packed to the brim with information and vivid illustration. This book is the perfect way to introduce your preschoolers to colors and shades. Is gray dreary like the cloudy sky or soft like the sweet elephant? Expose your little readers to new words and concepts. But the illustrations and wit are elevated in a way that will keep kids coming back as they get older. We love playing search and find on the pages and there is so much information to absorb, this book will keep a space on your shelf for years to come.

Praise for 'It's a Great Big Colorful World': "A lavish antidote to grey March days, Tom Schamp’s It’s a Great Big Colorful World offers vivid, busy pages of all things white, black, and all colours of rainbow. With historical and pop references, animals, vegetables and minerals, cultural signs and natural features from Yellow Submarine to blue jeans and cherry blossoms, this humour-full art book is lively, informative and aesthetically glorious."—Toronto Star Get your copy at Whiz Kids Today!

Cover of 'It's a Great Big Colorful World' by Tom Schamp

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