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Top 5 Board Books Babies Love
November, 2023

Story time is one of the sweetest early moments that family and friends can share with new babies and young toddlers. When you gift a book, you are not just adding to their library, you are helping nurture a love of reading that can last a lifetime and giving many magical moments as families read (and re-read!) the stories together! Check out this list of the best board books vetted by the play professionals at Whiz Kids that are guaranteed to win you smiles of delight from the little ones in your life.
1. Moonlight Prance by Serena Gingold Allen

For the Baby who Love to Push and Pull
Moonlight Prance by Serena Gingold Allen

Infants and toddlers don't just learn from words; they use all of their senses to experience the world around them. Moonlight Prance features sturdy push/pull tabs that let little hands get involved in bringing the nocturnal scenes to life. Children (and their grown-ups) will love the rollicking rhymes and adorable animal illustrations in this sweet bedtime story.

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2. Count on California

For the Cali Kid
Count on California by Nicole LaRue

 Baby gift or vacation souvenir, Count On California covers all our favorite California things; from surfboards to avocados! Introduce your little one to all the iconic symbols of the Golden State with this bright and modern number primer board book.

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3. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site

For the One Who Dreams of Big Wheels
Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherry Duskey Rinker

 This wildly popular board book is sure to become one of the most requested bedtime reads in your personal library. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site will drive to the top of your must-read list with it's textured illustrations and rhythmic rhymes. 

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4. Otto's Snowy Christmas

For the One for whom Christmas can't come soon Enough!
Otto's Snowy Christmas by Steve Smallman

 Who needs to get in a plane to visit the snow when you can transport yourself to the winter wonderland inside the pages of Otto's Snowy Christmas. With such little legs, Otto the Dachshund learns to rely on the help of his friends to enjoy some snowy play!

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5. I've Loved you Since Forever

For the Sentimental Soul
I've Loved You Since Forever by Hoda Kotb

 This heartwarming poem and story will hold a special place in your heart for years to come. The New York Times Best-Selling book I've Loved You Since Forever shows the timeless love between a parent and a child through its beautiful imagery and its big-hearted rhythmic words.

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